Before and After Two: Rose

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rose Jamal Before and After

Rose’s before and after photos highlights the skill of photographer and the importance of retouching when it comes to headshots. Celebrity Portfolios also benefit from retouching and models appear picture-perfect.
John Strand is noted as the best photographer in Los Angeles. He is a hugely successful and accomplished commercial, portrait photographer and he offers the best pricing when it comes to men, women , kids, actors and models headshots.
He is also a veteran when it comes to corporate headshots.

An Actor’s Approach to Shooting Actors

 If you’re going to shoot an actor, aim for the heart.

Haha, seriously. As a long-time performer in front of and behind camera, I know myself and I know the people I’m used to working with. Shooting photography one-on-one does not differ from establishing a relationship with a new woman (or man, in qualifying cases). Your conquest will be timid, at first. Or maybe not. There are all kinds of performers and people, after all. But generally speaking, when a new person walks into your studio they are counting on your professionalism in not screwing them (at least not on the first date). You have to make them comfortable.

Proof of acting


And really, that’s the first and most important rule in taking an individual’s picture. Group shots are one thing. Landscape photography might as well be an entirely different profession altogether. You don’t ask the setting sun to relax and try a bigger smile. When you take your pictures back to the lab you may be using the same editing tools, and more objective viewers may approach an image of the California coastline the same as a girl glowing against a green screen, but ultimately the products are measured and manipulated in their own way, and serve a completely different function on the market.

I was gifted with a naturally deep voice that has a calming influence on my clients, and for that I am grateful. You may not have that. All you have to work with is your personality and a few basic rules of thumb.

You are expected to take control, so have it and maintain it. Know what you want your subject to do, where you want them to stand, what position they need to take to get the best lighting. Know what you’re doing in advance.

Don’t make your model stand around all day because you didn’t plan the shoot properly. Time sitting or standing around the studio while you’re still obsessing over lighting configurations is time for your subject to second-guess themselves, get bored, tired, hungry, and uncomfortable. Don’t do that to them or yourself.

One thing that I do that seems to help a lot is to show my models the images of themselves as we go. It’s easy, can lighten up a shoot, and with technology today allowing for instant monitoring from the back of your camera, there’s no reason not to.

I suppose I could go on on the subject, since I think it’s a strong suit of mine, but I’d better leave more for future blog posts… 

Diversify Your Portfolio!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What look do you want?
We can provide it.On thing to remember when going out for your first head shot shoot is to bring a change of clothes. In fact it’s that kind of think ahead that indicated readiness to adapt on any set, video or photography. If you work in Hollywood, it’s a good habit to get in to.And as far as head shots go, you’re going to want to have some flexibility with the end product. We can give you that, but you come in to it as well. Bring your look so we can enhance it. Bring your makeup, your wardrobe, your props, your attitude.

Step Two: Click the Shutter Button

I guess these posts about how we’re setting things up could all be consolidated into one, but what fun would that be? Then how could I think up witty titles? Plus, I need practice hitting buttons like “new blog,” so I get used to figuring out what exactly it does… turns out, it doesn’t make a new post, it creates a whole new other blog! These things are maybe too easy these days.But back to my original point. We have a Facebook profile for “John Strand Photography,” oh yes we do.In my next post, you will learn all about the fact that we also have a website.