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John Strand Photography is noted as the best Professional Photography Company in the country. The company is run by Master Photographer John Strand, who has trained extensively in the film industry for over 30 years, and is well versed in the fine art of Photojournalism, Architectural and Headshot photography, having been taught by Master Photographers that preceded him.

A top name in headshot photography, John Strand has been called “the greatest photographer in the country” by BizBash Magazine, a nationally recognized event planning publication. John has also been a lead AP Photographer and Digital Cinematographer (Videographer) for years.

John Strand is known as the best headshot photographer in Los Angeles. A skilled commercial portrait photographer, John Strand has constantly delivered the best celebrity headshots, portraits, corporate headshot, actors headshots, executives headshots, model headshots.  He is a famed portrait photographer, who has additionally provided many a happy couple their memorable engagement portraits.

John Strand also offers the best pricing for headshots and portrait photography.


Women's Headshots

Be even more beautiful than you already are

Men's Headshots

Lighting you to look like your best you

Corporate Images

Working with executives across the country to represent their people and their brands.

As the primary photographer and president of the company, John personally supervises all jobs in the U.S. and handles all overseas jobs himself. John Strand Photography works many corporate and black-tie events for companies ranging throughout the Fortune 500. We offer on-location event photography, which includes award-winning presentations, conferences, celebrity performers or speakers, and individual and group portraits, and we never charge for travel as long as you are within 50 miles of a major airport.

We do not subcontract photographers and all our photographers work for John Strand Photography only. This ensures your photography is always done the same way that John Strand has personally taught his staff. If available, John will shoot your event himself. Our mission is to provide the best for less and to do the job the right way every time. “Can’t” is not in our vocabulary. “What Ever It Takes” IS!

Not only do we provide the best in still photography, but we are also an award-winning Video Production company as well!

Please call one of our offices today for the best in professional photography.

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Meet The Man Behind The Lens: John Strand

He’s regarded as the best in the business, but what motivates and inspires John Strand, who entertainment website CelebZter recently dubbed a “Super Photographer”?


John Strand with David CassidyHere we get the lowdown from the man himself in his own words in this Q & A and find out what drives him and has led him to become the photographer of choice for celebrities, who not only respect his evident talent, but also see him as a  trusted friend.

Question: Why did you decide to get into photography?

John: I was born to be a Cinematographer. Photography is just an extension of it.

In 1999 I really was getting hot as a photographer so I did more Photography than TV and Film.
My career as a photographer is long and as a Cinematographer as well. Photography
has been the bread-winner as I am so busy. As I type this answer I have been in three states today already.

Question: And when did you develop a love for shooting headshots?

John: When you work as an actor everyone wants headshots and since I know pretty much everyone in the business, it just happened. Actors trust me as I have trusted them when we have acted in scenes together.

Question: Do you think being an actor yourself helped you understand more what a client needs?

John: The difference is I am a trained actor. I have studied intensely and understand the actor.

I will not lose the moment we all cherish in this real but imaginary world at the same time.

I some times will use acting exercises to calm my clients. Alexander technique and others.

Question: Where do you draw inspiration from when you’re taking a photo?

John: I take inspiration from classics in film , music and art. There’s a whole romance that is attached to bodies of work that stand the test of time.

Also, I have always found that if you surround yourself with creativity,  you’re bound to be more creative.

Question: In your eyes, what makes a great headshot?

John: Real emotion and catching that moment. Emotion is a powerful thing in a photo and if you can convey it in a picture, a casting direction knows you can convey it on the small or big screen, which is obviously what will help you secure the role over others.

Question: You have been called one of the greatest photographers in the country, how did you feel when you were called this by Biz Bash Magazine? 

John: I am not the greatest photographer in the country.  I am certainly one of the hardest working photographers in the country. I really never stop working, but when you love what you do, it doesn’t really seem like work. I try not to listen to compliments too much — I just always focus on the job at hand and still to this day, I have never lost any of my passion for photography

Question: What makes you the best?

John: Again, I am not the best.  I’m  just the guy who tries hard, works hard and is incredibly humbled that I get any recognition at all, to be honest. If I was to compliment myself, it would be to  say that I’m the Relationship Networking Photographer. The biggest advice I could ever give and it has bode me well in my career, is to concentrate on the pure relationships you have.

Sounds like a cliché, I know,  but that’s how I live my life.

Question: And what will a client be guaranteed to walk away with after a day shoot with you?

John: Complete satisfaction guaranteed. I am the only one who offers that! You definitely will not leave disappointed, that is for certain

Question: How did you move into shooting celebrities?

John: I started shooting celebs because they wanted me to shoot their picture. I knew them already. I was incredibly fortunate that they respected my work enough to ask.

Question: Many of them now consider you friends, how does it feel to develop a personal friendship with them and know they trust you?

 John:  I have developed a relationship with every one of them and it’s always a pleasure to shoot them time and time again.

Question: Lastly, what are your tips for success?

 John: Wake up early . Be ready to work by 6am PST. Answer the phone by the second ring.

Return phone calls within one hour and e-mails the same day.

And most importantly, love what you do and use positive affirmations.

To get your moment in the spotlight with John, schedule a booking by calling: (818) 883-5300



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