Diversify Your Portfolio!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What look do you want?
We can provide it.On thing to remember when going out for your first head shot shoot is to bring a change of clothes. In fact it’s that kind of think ahead that indicated readiness to adapt on any set, video or photography. If you work in Hollywood, it’s a good habit to get in to.And as far as head shots go, you’re going to want to have some flexibility with the end product. We can give you that, but you come in to it as well. Bring your look so we can enhance it. Bring your makeup, your wardrobe, your props, your attitude.

Step Two: Click the Shutter Button

I guess these posts about how we’re setting things up could all be consolidated into one, but what fun would that be? Then how could I think up witty titles? Plus, I need practice hitting buttons like “new blog,” so I get used to figuring out what exactly it does… turns out, it doesn’t make a new post, it creates a whole new other blog! These things are maybe too easy these days.But back to my original point. We have a Facebook profile for “John Strand Photography,” oh yes we do.In my next post, you will learn all about the fact that we also have a website.