Gearing Up For Fall

Andeamo has been really busy lately. Photography job in Dallas, then off to Corona, CA the very same day. There’s nothing like a good night’s wakefulness followed by a three-hour commute across scorching California freeways.

There are busy times of year in the photo business, but it depends what your specialty is. Weddings obviously are going to come mostly in Spring and Summer, but we don’t do a lot of those. No opposition to it, it’s just one of those occasional kinds of things. Our bread and butter is working large corporate events, and frankly, they’re more fun. These can come any time of year, but they’re more cool-color-season type of events.

And boy does it feel good stay busy. Jet-setting through every major American city over the last twenty years has been a treat and an experience. You get a good feel for the lay of the land, and the lay of the human animal. There will be jet lag, but how do you know you’ve been anywhere and done anything if you don’t have jet lag?

‘Tis the season for anticipating Santa pictures. So many Santa pictures.