Media Website ‘Daily Candid News’ Does Write-Up on John Strand

Daily Candid News (DCN) posted a great interview article with John recently, but you can read it here.


“A slew of famous faces have posed in front of his lens, leading John Strand to be called “the greatest photographer in the country” by BizBash Magazine, a nationally recognized event planning publication.

“And throughout his illustrious career, celebrities alike have come to consider him a gifted photographer and a trusted friend.

“Here the man, who Olympic Champions Janet Evans, Rulon Gardner and Jim Craig turn to when they need a great photo, reveals the secrets to his undeniable success.”

DCN: How did you get into photography?

John Strand: I was 6 years old and I fell in love with photography. My mother loved photography and I was just drawn to it.

DCN: And what was your first major break?

John Strand: Well, I previously worked really hard as an actor while I was learning the art of Cinematography.

I would pester the DPs on set until they explained everything to me. I was learning how to shoot while learning the true art of acting.

The answer to your question is:  I was born at the right time. That was my big break. I was learning from the best from the studios I worked in which included Paramount, Lorimar (now Sony), 20th Century Fox, Universal. The art of creating magic using light as a brush and capturing magic in 1/24 of a second at a time. The moment is so precious that the wrong angle or focus takes away from that very thing.

DCN: How have you managed to stay at the top of your field?

John Strand: It has been 30 years of loving what I do and finding out I was a top photographer in the world, was a shock. It was not until I was told that I even fathomed such a concept. I think that being used as a celeb photographer for over 100 times a year is actually a mythical number of shoots; but to tell the truth, the numbers are much higher. I was blessed with companies booking me daily across the country and yes sometimes around the world.

DCN: You have been named one of the greatest photographers when it comes to celebrity headshots, why do you think you have garnered such a stellar reputation among the stars?

John Strand: I have no idea. I just work. I am so humbled that I get this kind of recognition but I am so uncomfortable about it. I just want to work and not have the entourages that come with the celebrity shoots. I tell everyone that they need to leave their attitude at the door.

DCN: Which celebrities have been your favorite to shoot and why?

John Strand: Olympic Champions are my favorites. I love Janet Evans, Rulon Gardner and Jim Craig. My three miracles.

David Cassidy was fun as he had not done a photo shoot with a professional photographer in 20 years and he was quite nervous.

Danica Patrick was cool as I shot her at SEMA Show and there were hundreds of photographers watching me shoot.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was fun as I knew him from the film business and he is now a pretty big draw. I do not enjoy the big A- list movie stars at all. Unless I know them well, it’s just work.  Basically, I do mainly NDA work.

However, I must add that shooting for Playboy wasn’t a bad gig.

DCN: What star would you love to shoot which you haven’t already? And why?

John Strand: Elvis but that dog don’t hunt. Maybe Sean Connery. I have no real celebrity quest at all.

DCN: What’s your motto in life?

John Strand: Smile hard and work happy. Surround yourself with people who are beautiful on the inside and your life will prosper.

DCN: And your advice for anyone breaking into the business?

John Strand: Start working at whatever you love NOW and don’t look back. The biggest mistake people make in life is not taking that first step because they fear failure, but the only way to ever succeed is to start taking those steps in the direction you want your life to go.

Thanks for the great interview, Melissa!