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John Strand Photography is proud to say that out of the thousands of actors, models, celebrities, sports stars and executives we’ve had as headshot clients over the years, we have never had a negative review. There is only one way to become the best headshot photographer in Los Angeles, and that is through exemplary customer service. We go out of our way to provide you with the best experience before, during and after your shoot at our Woodland Hills studio. We do our best to make you look your best.

Not only that, we also offer the best pricing for celebrity headshots, portraits, corporate headshost, executives and actors headshots in Los Angeles.

Feel free to browse through our headshot testimonials to see what our clients have to say about John Strand Photography.

 Danica new

 Danica Patrick

Indy Car / NASCAR Driver, Model and Spokeswoman
Currently competing in the IndyCar Series and the NASCAR Nationwide Series, Danica Patrick was named the Rookie of the Year for both the 2005 Indianapolis 500 and the 2005 IndyCar Series season. With her win in the 2008 Indy Japan 300, Patrick became the first woman to win an Indy car race. She placed 3rd in the 2009 Indianapolis 500, which was both a personal best for her at the track and the highest finish by a woman in the event’s history.

About John Strand:

“It was a pleasure having John Strand take my picture, and they did a great job retouching my other headshot, too!”
-Danica Patrick

 Ty Pennington_8922

 Ty Pennington

ABC series Extreme Makeover

About John Strand:

“John shot my pictures of me for my new line of Wood Floors. He made the whole thing great.  He just knows how to make you look good.”
-Ty Pennington


Rulon Gardner

Olympic LegendMiracle on the Mat”
He is notable for his gold-medal wrestling performance in the 2000 Olympics, defeating Russian Alexander Karelin, who was previously undefeated in 13 years of international competition.

About John Strand:

“John Strand is my good friend and also the only guy I want taking my pictures. He just has the magic touch with the camera. I have worked with him for years.”
-Rulon Gardner


 Jim Craig

Olympic Legend “Miracle On Ice”
1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team Goalie and Gold Medalist, Jim Craig has been called the backbone of a team that accomplished one of the most extraordinary and memorable sports victories of all time. He went on to play professionally and transitioned to tremendous and ongoing success in the business world.

About John Strand:

“I have done hundreds of photo shoots and John is the only person who makes me look good. He is also my friend. Thanks John for all the great photos.”
-Jim Craig


 Donna Tetreault

Producer/Reporter for America’s Most Wanted; Reporter for KNBC-TV, CNN- Los Angeles Bureau, KCBS-TV

About John Strand:

If you want the “STAR” treatment, look no further. John knows how to make you feel and LOOK like a million bucks! From beginning to end, the experience is top notch! Thanks for everything, John!
-Donna Tetreault


 Ashley Monique

Ashley Monique made her professional television debut in 1996 on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, followed by appearances on Moesha and Sunset Beach. In 1998, she was cast as daughter Sydney Hughley in the TV sitcom, The Hughleys. She has also appeared in Zoey 101, Still Standing, The Bernie Mac Show and on Hollywood Squares.

About John Strand:

“I really had the best time that I’ve ever had at a shoot. I have had several photo shoots and I have been a production assistant, so I know how it goes and you guys were amazing. From the minute you met me in the parking garage I felt very comfortable. Your working environment was easy going and enjoyable. All in all you really made me feel like your whole day was about me with the attention you gave me and I sincerely appreciate that. You and I are a team from here on out! The only way I’ll stop using you is if you stop being a photographer! Ha! Thanks again John!”
-Ashley Monique


 David Rivera

“I would just like to say that my experience with John has enlightened me on the process of photo taking. My energy wasn’t quite there at first, but after a few shots and some direction, John had me feeling great about myself and comfortable in front of the camera. I came out looking great and like me. I had lots of fun and would definitely recommend this studio to fellow actors!”
-David Rivera


 Nick Shafer

“John and his crew know what they are doing. Top quality photography is what you get.”
-Nick Shafer



 Janet Evans

Olympic Swimming Legend, “Miracle In The Water” and nicknamed Miss Perpetual Motion
In 1987, she broke the world records in the 400, 800, and 1500 meter freestyle events. At the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, she won three gold medals and earned the nickname “Miss Perpetual Motion.” In those games, she set a new world record in the 400 meter freestyle event — a record that would stand for 18 years. Evans held the 1500 meter freestyle record (set in March 1988) until June 2007. Her world record time of 8:16.22 in the 800 meter freestyle, set in August 1989, lasted nearly 20 years. The 800 meter freestyle record was one of the longest standing ever in the sport of swimming, lasting through four Olympic games.


About John Strand:

“John Strand is my dear friend and the only photographer I would like to work with. John has shot dozens of photo shoots with me and my Family. He has directed commercials for me He has traveled the world with me. He shot all my pictures in my book, Total Swimming. If I need him to help me he is there. I was on a cruise ship and needed something put together in a couple hours for a speech and he got it to me in time via satellite connection. I was in China and he did the same thing. He has always come through for me. I have to say… You are the man, MAN!”
-Janet Evans


David Cassidy

Singer, Actor, star of “The Partridge Family
As the star of the 1970’s TV show The Partridge Family, David Cassidy scored the #1 single of the year in 1970 with “I Think I Love You” and by the age of 21 was the world’s highest paid solo live performer. His career album sales – highlighted by eighteen gold and platinum recordings, including four consecutive multi-platinum releases – exceeded a whopping 25 million units worldwide.

About John Strand:

“I really don’t have my picture taken professionally very often, so when John took my pictures it had been a while since I had a real photo shoot. What a great job he did. I had them up on my website right away.”
-David Cassidy


 Brook Robinson

MLB Hall of Famer 3rd Baseman
Simply the best third baseman in Major League Baseball history, Brooks Robinson played his entire 23- year career with the Baltimore Orioles (1955–77). Nicknamed “The Human Vacuum Cleaner,” Brooks won 16 consecutive Gold Glove Awards during his career. He was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1983, one of only 16 players to have been honored on the first ballot.

About John Strand:

“I have the distinct privilege of calling John Strand my friend and have worked with him for many years. The fact that he takes my pictures when we are on the road together is a great relief. I know John is going to make me look good and I have a fun time when we do our pictures together. I can truly say he’s one of the great ones.”
-Brooks Robinson



 Rose Jamal

“First class service — a diva like me enjoys that. Fast and beautiful results; creative, helpful, fun and easy to work with. Great for people who are having their photos taken for the first time or at any professional level. I have worked with hundreds of photographers; John is talented, fast and incredibly professional. Did I mention fast, yes fast and beautiful results no waiting. You will leave the studio with your pictures.”
-Rose Jamal



 Annie Glass

“I welcome this opportunity to thank John and his staff, Griffin and Brandon, for a wonderful experience. If I had only one word to describe it, I would say it was “joyous.” I felt John created a working environment that was safe, caring, trusting, fun-filled and spontaneous as well as attentive to all the details of the process that, of course, included the needs of the actor/model – me! Almost immediately, I felt a sense of freedom and spontaneity. This, in turn, helped me to be “private in public” allowing me to access the emotional qualities necessary to accomplish the bold range of characters John had envisioned would be right for me. I believe this was captured in the photos. Further, I believe John’s skilled direction kept me very much in the moment and truthful to the given circumstances. I look forward to many more opportunities to work with John.”
-Annie Glass



 Penny Parvizian

“Thank you so much for the awesome shoot experience. I was very nervous before the shoot since this was my very first experience, however as soon as I met John and his crew and the awesome studio, they made me feel completely relaxed and comfortable. He made the shoot very fun for me and the result speaks for itself. I am definitely recommending John to all my family and friends and also whoever else is looking for a great shoot experience with amazing results.”

Thanks again
See you very soon


Kaitlyn new

 Kaitlyn Mandour

“I am new to this business, but I could not believe how comfortable I was shooting these pictures with John. I can truly say that these photographs helped me change my life and you are an amazing photographer. Thank you.”
-Kaitlyn Mandour



 Chadlee Scarborough

“It was a really a chill atmosphere. The editing and photography teams were great to work with. Unlimited refills on your espressos. If you are starting off or a veteran, I suggest coming to John Strand Photography.”
-Chadlee Scarborough



Summer Shafer

“Summer had a great experience, John Strand helped her feel so comfortable in front of the camera, he was professional and fun for her to work with. We were able to leave the studio with an awesome head shot. John and his team were helpful, fast and the lighting was amazing. He captured her personality and he took such beautiful pictures it almost brought tears to my eyes!”
– Amy Shafer (Summer Shafer’s mom)




 Rina Hoshino

“Thank you for the extraordinary moments. It was such a pleasure working with a professional team. John creates the energy and vitality you need while achieving your satisfaction. You’d be surprised how many colors you have on your palette after working with John.

He reveals genuine smiles and true beauty in you.

I was fully at ease and felt so natural to be photographed. The editing process was done professionally with care and it was such a time-consuming process for me because I had too many favorites — it took me a while to select them! I truly feel grateful that I had the opportunity to work with John and his team. Thank you!”
-Rina Hoshi



 Melissa Steach

“Shooting with John is an absolute pleasure and very educational. Not only did I get what I needed; he also pulled sides out of me that I never knew were there! I’ll definitely come back for more.”
-Melissa Steach



Christian Lagrois

“Great headshot photographer. Easy to work with, beautiful results. The lighting he used was gorgeous and natural. From the moment I made the appointment with him, he was accessible and provided clear information. He greeted me in the parking lot with a clothing rack– now that’s service! He was friendly yet decisive. He gave just the right direction.

After the shoot, he went over the photos with me and SENT ME HOME WITH THE DVD of all the photos, plus one he edited for me.

He also takes care of setup and printing. This was a great experience — and all at a fantastic, reasonable price.”
-Christian Lagrois


 Briana Leon

“A professional crew in a personal environment. As a newcomer to the industry, being able to work with John and the crew felt like I had been doing this for years. I was able to bring in my own personal music CDs and that really helped me get into the groove. John’s ingenuity makes you feel like a million bucks!!”
-Briana Leon



“I am so happy that I chose John to take my photos. He is a great guy and a great professional photographer.
Thank you so much.”
-Dan Ortiz



 Nick Shafer

“John and his crew know what they are doing. Top quality photography is what you get.”
-Nick Shafer